ANZAC Bridge - Sydney

Anzac Bridge has undergone routine maintenance since its opening in 1995. In the intervening period bridge technology has improved and a number of maintenance, safety and structural issues have arisen. From 2011 to 2013 major works were undertaken.

Early in the life of the bridge the stay cables were subject to serious vibrations. Stay cable vibrations induced by wind, 18. rain and traffic movement cause cable fatigue and ultimately shorten the life of the bridge. Experimentation using heavy ropes tying the cables diagonally back to the deck reduced the problem.

A more permanent solution replaced the ropes with spring loaded thin stabilising cables between the stay cables and the deck.
The spring failure safety link was later added.

At a cost of $61 milion the program included

Edge beam walkways were built each side of the bridge with a temporary rail line built to allow movement of heavy items by rail trucks and for a moveable platform to access the stay cables.

Cable bridge technology has significantly improved since the anti vibration cables were installed. They were removed and vibration was dealt with using radial dampers at the deck end and the application of a helical rib over the length of the stay cable.


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