ANZAC Bridge - Sydney

The ANZAC Bridge made a spectacular back drop to the 2000 Sydney Olympics Marathons. The women's marathon was run on 24th September 2000, the mens on the day of the closing ceremony, 1st October and the Paralympic on the 29th October.

The 42 km course, created by Olympic marathon director Dave Cundy, started from outside the North Sydney oval and finished at the Olympic Stadium at Homebush.

The route, marked out by a blue line, travelled through some of Sydney's most spectacular scenery.
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Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge dressed for the 2000 Olympics

Men's Marathon - The lead runners - Gezahgne Abera of Ethiopia, the eventual winner is in 4th place.

Paralympic Marathon - at the 28km mark

Women's Marathon
Gold - Naoko Takahashi, Japan 2:23.14
Silver - Lidia Simon Romania, 2:23.22
Bronze - Joyce Chepchumba, Kenya 2:24.45

Men's Marathon
Gold - Gezahgne Abera, Ethiopia, 2:10.11
Silver - Eric Wainaina, Kenya 2:10.31
Bronze - Tesfaye Tola, Ethiopia 2:11.10

Paralympic Marathon
For an overview of the Sydney Paralympic games go to the Official website of the Paralympic Movement

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