ANZAC Bridge - Sydney

Impact of the WestConnex Development

Walkway/Cycleway from Victoria Rd to ANZAC Bridge opened September 2020

The WestConnex Development at Rozelle and on the approaches to ANZAC Bridge has resulted in major disruption to walking and cycling on the western approaches.

Two walkway/cycleway bridges have been removed, the bridge over Victoria Rd near Lilyfield Rd, removed in March 2020, and the Beatrice Bush Bridge over Victoria Rd at the junction with The Crescent removed in September 2020.

The walkway/cycleway path from Victoria Rd to the ANZAC bridge was also removed in early 2020.

During September 2020 an alternative walkway/cycleway was opened linking Victoria Rd near Lilyfield Rd to the ANZAC Bridge near the Australian Digger statue.

Walking and Cycling on ANZAC Bridge

The northern side of the ANZAC bridge has a shared pedestrian walk way and cycle way. This way provides excellent views up the harbour from the old Glebe Island bridge to the Sydney Harbour bridge. The Australian digger statue, the New Zealand soldier statue and their commemorative plaques can be viewed close up.

Looking along the walkway
Along the walkway from the rest station
at the top of the ramp on a Sunday morning (2020)
cycling sign to ANZAC Bridge
The walk way links the suburbs of Pyrmont on the Sydney city side to Lilyfield to the west.

You can start the walk from the Pyrmont side at the spiral ramp near the corner of Quarry Master Drive and Saunders Street in Pyrmont.

Directions - To find your way to the ramp from the city by walking, cycling or public transport -
go to the bottom of this page.

The rest station at the top of the Ramp has a plaque called "A Little History" Details on the earlier bridges as well as construction time lines and statistics about the current bridge. Facts and Figures

The spiral ramp
The spiral ramp
from Quarry Master Drive Pyrmont
Google Maps - Location of Ramp.
View along the eatern side of the bridge
Take your camera - there are some great artistic shots to be had.

View of stay cables reaching up to the tower top


Aproaching the middle of the bridge
 Approaching the middle of the bridge
Plaque at the Centre

Halfway across the bridge a plaque commemorates  the joining of the two halves on the 24th July 1995.
A time capsule is embedded behind the plaque. But there are no clues as to what is in the capsule or when it is to be opened.

View across the old Glebe Island bridge towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Looking over towards the Sydney harbour bridge you can see the old Glebe Island bridge It is permanently open although closed for sporting events such as the Sydney Marathon which now uses the old bridge instead of ANZAC Bridge. (2009)
It is now difficult to take pictures like this owing to the small mesh size of the safety fence. Perhaps some well placed camera "peep holes" should be provided.

The Australian Digger Statue
The Australian Digger
The New Zealand Digger Statue
Looking across the roadway to
the New Zealand soldier.

The western side of the main deck is home to the two commemorative soldier statues. On the northern, walkway, side is the Australian Digger with the New Zealand soldier across the road.

A walk way next to the Australian Digger takes you around under the bridge to the New Zealand Soldier.
The structure on the underside of the bridge is well worth a look.

More about the ANZAC soldier statues 

From the New zealand statue you can either return across the bridge or if you are up for about a 4km walk or ride you can follow the path down from the NZ statue to James Craig drive and then following around Blackwattle Bay through Jubilee Park and end up at Sydney Fish Markets.

The WestConnex Development

The WestConnex Development at Rozelle and on the approaches to ANZAC Bridge has required the removal of two walkway/cycleway bridges, the Beatrice Bush Bridge and the bridge over Victoria Rd near Lilyfield Rd.

The walkway/cycleway path to the ANZAC bridge from Victoria Rd and the Cauarina trees lining it was also removed in early 2020.

Looking along the now demolished walkway from the bridge to Victoria Road
The walkway/cycleway path to the ANZAC bridge from Victoria Rd - removed 2020
Beatrice Bush Bridge 1 removed 2020

The Beatrice Bush Bridge - removed 2020

Beatrice Bush Bridge 2 removed 2020

Beatrice Bush sold newspapers seven days a week, whatever the weather, at the intersection of Victoria Road and The Crescent White Bay for more than 25 years.

Selling from the traffic island, her customers were the drivers coming off ANZAC Bridge (or the old Glebe Island Bridge) waiting at the lights at the Victoria Road intersection.

It is fitting that the walk way over Victoria Road adjacent to her traffic island be named in her honour (2005).

More information about Beatrice, including a picture of her, can be found at the Powerhouse Museum website.


View from Glebe towards ANZAC Bridge

From Bicentennial Park, Glebe.

How to find the Ramp to the ANZAC Bridge walkway - Pyrmont end.


Google Maps Location of Ramp - Pyrmont end.


Have a look at the Google Maps Satellite view to find your way walking from Darling Harbour or Sydney city.


The 389 bus travels from North Bondi to Star City/Maritime Museum via Park St in the city. Get off at the Miller St intersection of Harris St. Check Sydney Buses Timetables. Enter 389 in the Route number box.

Light Rail

Light Rail The Metro Light Rail has a station nearby at the Fish Markets. Catch the light rail from Central Station, Paddys Markets or Darling Harbour (Convention station). Have a look at their Network Map for details.
The Ramp is a short walk away under the expressway.

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