ANZAC Bridge - Sydney

Facts and Figures   Construction Timeline, Statistics and Events

ANZAC Bridge from Glebe with Sydney Harbour Bridgein the background

Construction Timeline

The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) decides to replace the Glebe Island Bridge in use since 1903 Mid 1980s
Bridge footings - steel casings for piles driven to the bedrock 1989
Bridge footings completed Late 1990
Work stopped through lack of funding 1991 (recession)
Federal funding provided to restart construction 1992
Bridge structure commenced April 1992
Western tower completed November 1993
Eastern tower completed September 1994
Western deck completed July 1994
Eastern deck completed June 1995
Two halves joined 24th July 1995


Total length of the arterial 3km
Length of bridge 805m
Length of main span 345m
Width of bridge deck 32m (250mm deep)
Height of towers 120m
Number of stay cables 128
Total length of stay cables 5km
Longest stay cable 188m 74 strands
Shortest stay cable 88m 25 strands
Total length of stay cable strands 18km
Minimum navigation clearance 27m
Total amount of concrete used 35,700 cubic metres
Weight of deck segment 460 tonnes
Total amount of reinforcing steel 6,635 tonnes
Total amount of prestressing steel 760km
Number of Traffic Lanes 8

Number of Vehicles crossing per day
(Live camera on ANZAC Bridge)

128,000 (2005)
Cost of Construction $170 million

The People

Client for the bridge The Road and Traffic Authority of NSW (RTA)
The RTA's bridge designer leader Ken Wheeler
The RTA's on-site project engineer Peter Wellings
Construction of protective embankments and bridge footings Leighton Contractors
The major Contractor for the bridge Baulderstone Hornibrook Engineering Pty Ltd
Baulderstone Hornibrook project director Sandy Buchan
Baulderstone Hornibrook engineering manager Hugh Bishop
Sub contractor responsible for the cable stays and specialist engineering technologies Austress Freyssinet Pty Ltd
The hundreds of skilled workers on site, off site and in the design offices.


Opening day Walk 3rd December 1995
ANZAC Bridge opened to traffic 4th December 1995
Renamed ANZAC Bridge from Glebe Island Bridge 11th November 1998
Australian and New Zealand Flags placed on Tower Tops 11th November 1998
Australian Digger dedication 25th April 2000
New Zealand Soldier dedication 27th April 2007
Extensive upgrade and maintenance program 2010 to 2013
Cost of upgrade and maintenance program $61 million


Many of these Facts and Figures came from the plaque called "A Little History" at the rest station at the top of the ramp at the eastern end of the walkway.


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